Animalia Article

The world premier of Animalia is apon us!
November 11th, which here in Australia is Remembrance Day for WW2, will also here by be declared Animalia Day!



Animalia Trailer

The trailer is now online at www.animalia.tv

Plus heres a new article http://www.acmi.net.au/pixar_talks_animalia.aspx
For some reason we're being referred to as pixar. hmmm strange



Simpsons Avatars...


Enter the site and go up the top to 'Create your own Simpsons Avatar'
Heres me....


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Welcome to my new blog. My name is Christian Hart. Im a CG artist currently animating on a new kids TV series called Animalia. Working at Iloura in Melbourne with some extremely talented people.
Animalia will be aired around the globe starting in September 2007.
Its going to be great!!